All Natural Playdough - FREE shipping for all orders over 50 euros within Cyprus.
All Natural Playdough - FREE shipping for all orders over 50 euros within Cyprus.
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Benefits of Wonderdough

Wonderdough is a non-toxic and all natural, handmade product, infused with calming and healing natural essential oils. So, not only is playing with wonderdough a fun, creative and nurturing activity, it is also completely healthy and even beneficial to your skin.

Squishing, squashing, rolling, cutting, sculpting and moulding provide hours of imaginative, creative fun and learning for children of all ages. Playing with wonderdough is an awesome way for children to pass their time and it has a whole lot of benefits:

Develops fine motor skills

Playing with playdough helps children boost the development of their fine motor skills, which means it helps them improve their coordination and movements in their wrists, hands and fingers, laying important foundations for important skills like writing, drawing, painting, throwing and countless other talents involving their hands and fingers.

Supports your child’s independence and self esteem

Whatever it is that your child makes out of playdough, it is their creation. Every creation from great to small is an accomplishment for them. It helps them realise that they are capable of doing things on their own.

Nurtures creativity and imagination

Through the help of others, or on their own, children put their imagination to use to create themes, characters, scenes and much much more. The more they play with playdough, the more they stimulate their mind, imagination and cognitive skills.

Good to use as a teaching aid

The best way to learn and remember something is to paint a colourlful picture in your mind, especially while having fun! What better way to do that than with the different beautiful natural colours and scents of wonderdough!

Calming and soothing

Squishing, squashing and rolling a piece of wonderdough helps to relieve stress in children and is very calming especially since our dough is made with natural essential oils which calm nerves, promote clear, healthy skin and and also help to calm hyperactive children.

Improves social skills

It’s a great way to play with other children. They learn to co-operate and they get ideas and learn creative skills from each other.

Benefits of playdough for adults

It may sound silly, but adults can benefit from wonderdough just as much as children do. People of all ages benefit from play time as it can be a break or escape from daily stress, it boosts creativity, improves brain function and betters relationships. Playing with playdough is also a great way to spend time with and bond with your child. Adults and children alike spend too much time on electronic devices nowadays, and Wonderdough provides a great escape, in a real, natural, healthy, calming and therapeutic way.